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Foshan lions step building materials to uphold the spirit of artisans, wisdom to create good products, service million, to build the first brand of liquid ceramic tile glue,

M-500 aqueous liquid ceramic tile adhesive

01 That is coated with paste, save time and effort
02 Super bond strength
03 Excellent freeze-thaw resistance
04 What excellent
05 Excellent resistance to high temperature and low temperature
06 Water environmental protection and easy construction

M-400- advanced ceramic tile back coating

01 Greatly improve the adhesion between the ceramic tile wall and the wall.
02 rapid penetration of the substrate and permanent bonding layer.
03 Good flexibility, prevent the bottom substrate contraction caused by sloughing of cement。
04 Good weather resistance, excellent frost resistance and excellent aging resistance.
05 Alkali resistance, to prevent the erosion of alkaline coating.
06 Convenient construction, green environmental protection.

Enterprise introduction

2015 Foshan Ou lion building materials Co., to integrate industry resources, set sail again, the introduction of strategic cooperation, build a new ecological chain, the company invested heavily to introduce production process of German and central standard (Guangzhou) Quality Research Institute, Guangzhou Research Institute of synthetic materials such as many domestic research institutions through cooperation, R & D personnel continue testing improvement,


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